When You Feel Stuck and Nothing is Happening

Have you felt like nothing is happening? How much effort are you putting in?

No matter what you do, it seems like you end up where you started. It’s frustrating to walk this cycle of never progressing from where you are.

I’ve been in and out of this period for many years. When I’m feeling stuck, it’s like there’s a force of gravity pushing me down and making me stay stuck. And for years I’ve pushed and pushed to get out to no avail.

It wasn’t until I stopped trying that I began to see differently.

The Invisible Prison We Create

We are powerful beings.

Sometimes we use that power to create prisons for ourselves more than we do in creating miracles. See, our mind creates the interpretation of our events and our interpretation determines how we act and what we attract.

The more we hold onto fearful and negative thoughts, the greater we create our own limitations.

Our invisible cages are so subtle that it convinces us that there is nothing else but our own created prison that exists. We may even be comfortable with our limitations that moving past it doesn’t appeal to who you truly are.

If we wish to finally breakthrough the ceiling and live our life, we need to loosen the grips of our negative creations.

Loosening Rigid Paradigms

Life is always flowing like the wind. It doesn’t hold onto the past or ideas.

When you are tensed, life no longer flows. Just like when your muscles are tensed, it contracts and may break. It becomes a solid object that can break. But when you let go, you find peace.

For example, someone who is tensed can be an angry person. No matter how reasonable or sincere you are, nothing can get through to him. And he ends up making worse decisions because he didn’t listen. Yet, if that same person was relaxed and at ease, talking to him is easy. His life, as a result, turns out for the better.

Feeling tensed and rigid manifests into you taking life too seriously, worrying a lot, and becoming stubborn to change. Sounds like old-age, doesn’t it? But when you ask the elderly what gives them joy, they give the same answers – youth!

Do you notice that miracles happen only when you are relaxed and having fun?

It’s not a coincidence!

Naturally, we react to nothing happening by pushing the threshold. We think that by pushing more effort, we get the same results returned. But this, as you may know, feels like pushing a mountain.

Instead of pushing against our struggles, we can move around it. Being flexible like water can get to our destination with much more ease and less worry.

So relax and have fun!

When you were a kid, fun was abundant. Surely, some of us may not have a vibrant childhood but you can agree that it is much, much better than where we are now. That is because we haven’t picked up negative associations, trauma, or worry about what people think of us.

We lost that sense of youthful joy that carries with it abundant energy as we grow up. But those who remain that kindred spirit finds themselves with opportunities in their life. If you think you are too old to act like kids, don’t believe it!

The reason why kids have abundant energy and attract opportunities is that they are not held back by life.

In addition, they stay natural to their spiritual self (perhaps even more spiritual) so they understood how life works without knowing it. They breathe correctly, think abundantly, are flexible, have unconditional love, forgive others, and are blind to failures. These are the qualities which we lack as we grow up in the mud of Earth and society.

It is this positive energy that makes life more fulfilling. As a result, they don’t feel stuck and their life “happen” automatically.

Focus on What You Can Do

Life is like the wind on your sailing. You can lead the sailboat so that the winds help you move to where you want to go. But you can’t control the winds. All you can do is focus on what you can control – the sailboat and, more importantly, yourself.

Don’t rush a relationship. In this case, it’s your relationship with your goals. If you try approaching your goals like you do with ultimatums, you’ll end up creating this Do or Die situation. For example, it might be “I need to do this or I will go out of business”. Many times people are desperate to achieve a goal while having something to lose and that makes them lose even more.

When nothing is happening, we are expecting something to happen. Then we get disappointed the more it doesn’t go the way we want. This disappointment fuels our expectations for the future which ends up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I realised that whenever I had fun with no expectations, I get more than I asked for. So go ahead and loosen the hardened shell which you created for these many years.

Feeling stuck can make us feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. That’s why I invite you for a free breakthrough session so what we can get to the core of your struggle.