What is the Higher Self?

In short, Higher Self is the Real You.

Your Higher Self is a higher consciousness within you that shares all the qualities of love, goodness, and spiritual wisdom. It is described as the good angel on your shoulder. We also know them as the “I AM” presence, Soul, Divine Spark, Personal God, Superconscious, or Guardian Angel.

While your Higher Self, and each of us have a Higher Self, is referred to as a “Self”, it is actually more accurate to say that it is a Higher Mind. He is not separate from you but rather a part of your consciousness.

Role of Higher Self

Each of us has incarnated onto Earth to grow and learn.

The question remains, why is it necessary to incarnate into a physical body on Earth? Can’t a spirit live on Earth by itself?

Earth has a certain frequency that is different from the higher realms. Imagine the light spectrum from red to violet:

Red is considered 700 nm while violet is 400 nm. Anything that is outside of the visible light scope we cannot see.

Earth’s frequency is like the visible light. Any higher realms is outside the scope of visible existence and so we cannot enter it.

Therefore, we need a medium to send ourselves to Earth.

Your Real Self, Higher Self, then reside himself onto a physical body. When connected to the body, it is called the “Soul” or the observer behind the observer.

It is where your intuition, past-life gifts, wisdom, compassion, goodness, humility, spiritual prowess, and sense of fulfillment resides. One can recognize the Higher Self as their “conscience”, the immediate recognition of good and evil – moral self.

What is the role of your Higher Self?

The role of the Higher Self is not for you.

Rather, You are here for your Higher Self.

In return, your Higher Self will guide you and watch over you towards the right direction.

By becoming aware of your Real Self and attuning to his good qualities, you naturally allow the Higher Self to awaken from within you.

As a result, this leads onto the road to enlightenment which is our purpose on Earth.

Connect with Your Higher Self

Many spiritual people become lost and confused despite indulging in spiritual activities.

When you connect with your Higher Self, you come from a place of inspiration, abundance, and enthusiasm. You radiate from a position of strength.

Your life becomes more brighten with each day and you feel a sense of fulfillment.

It is much easier to enjoy life and attract friends, opportunities, and relationships when you are living your true self.

Connecting with your Higher Self reconnects you to your core so that you may find meaning and fulfillment once again.

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