What is Chi Energy Healing?

Chi energy healing is the oldest and natural form of healing. One may recognize it as energy healing, quantum healing, prana, life force, or Reiki.

The system of chi energy healing has its roots over 5000 years ago along with Chinese medicine. I Complement the knowledge of Chi energy with the Western’s understanding of magnetic fluid to give a holistic view of energy healing.

Mind Body Hypnotherapy combines spiritual hypnotherapy with chi energy healing to give greater and effective healing results. While hypnotherapy works on the mind, chi energy healing works on the body.

I have not created any new therapeutic system but rediscover the old ancient modality.

Ancient Hypnotherapy is a medical art which included both energy healing, mental relief, and spiritual priesthood. Energy healing is enough to heal the body (complement with herbs and diet), hypnosis is for healing the mind and emotions, and spiritual healing is to impart one’s spiritual experience into another so that they may overcome their spiritual challenges.

History of Chi Energy Healing


Chi healing is older than history. It was practiced by the ancient Chinese, Indians (Yoga), Greeks, and Egyptians alike. The first ever written works of chi healing is in the I-Ching (Book of Changes) in 1,122 B.C. It wasn’t until 1911 A.D. the works of Chi Kung (Qi Gong) is publicized in the People’s Republic of China for health preservation and disease prevention.


Anton Mesmer discovered that he can heal with magnets but then realizes that the healing comes from himself. He coined it “Animal Magnetism” in 1776 and gained wide populace in Vienna. At the time, the new age of Enlightenment and reasoning flourished after their victory from the speculations and superstitions of the Church. Having not the instrument to measure this “Animal Magnetism”, the medical industry made Mesmer a fraud and charlatan instead of investigating the matter.

Eastern vs Western Healing

Energy healing exists both in Eastern and Western culture.

The only difference is that while the Eastern folks embraces the modality, the Western mind closed its attitude towards it in favor of physiological and narrow approach.

With many people beginning to branch out of western medicine for a natural alternative healing, the time for reintroducing Chi energy healing has come!

Now western medicine has its use and is better in many aspects of healing such as severe pain and emergencies. Chi energy healing is a complementary approach for those who wish to prevent illness and pain while clearing energy blockages in the long-term.

Benefits of Chi Energy Healing

We can use reviving car as an analogy. Let’s say that one of your car is dead and cannot start. You tried to rev up the engine but it does not start. So you take your truck and 2 wires. You attach the wires on the truck engine to the car engine. As you turn on the engine, the electricity goes from the truck to the car. Suddenly, your car starts wonderfully!

Chi energy healing is transferring one’s electrical impulse to the client so that he/she can heal themselves. The same electrical impulse which passes through the nervous system can extend subtly into our magnetic field.

In other words, chi energy healing transfers one’s energy into another’s energy field. The new and welcomed energy field will use the extra energy to heal the body, destroy viruses and toxins, and prevent negative influences.

When our magnetic field is strong, we are healthy, vibrant, and attract positive people and events. But when it is weak, we contract all kinds of diseases and illnesses of a physical and mental kind. We repel people and find ourselves in unfortunate or unlucky events.

In chi energy healing, we see illness holistically. This means that all illness comes from an energy blockage in the body.

Naturally the body is a self-healing mechanism which repairs the body overnight while you sleep. While you can contract bacteria, viruses, and poisons in your system, the body can fight against it as long as it has the energy to do so.

Then the person may have mental or physical imbalance. This manifests mentally as stress, anxiety, depression, or fear. It can also create physical ailments such as arthritis, lung disease, and headache. This is called body syndrome. Because the energy of mental stress has nowhere to go, it hides in the body.

The first part of chi energy healing is to stimulate and increase the client’s energy field/magnetic field so that the abundant energy can find its way to heal itself at night. The second part is in releasing the blockages due to outside toxins or emotional imbalance that blocks the energetic pathways.

Distance Healing

Often people who are at a distance cannot benefit from chi healing. However, healing does not confine itself locally. Energy is all around us – the trees, the air, the emotions. If we are able to direct our energy to ourselves, we can also direct our energy to others no matter where they are.

Distance healing, or telepathic healing, is a branch of energy chi healing without having to be there.

In distance healing, you are given a time for the healing session but you will not know what day the healing will occur. Be sure to clean yourself as carefully instructed before the session. Then all you have to do is be open to the session.

People may experience a sense of body vibrating, breathing fast, warmth, swaying, a sense of mountain breeze, and overall pleasant feeling.

The purpose of distance healing is for me to send you extra energy so that this newfound energy can find its way to release the blockages, heal illnesses physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Energy is intelligent and will always find the best way to come to you and the best way to heal you.

While the energy in distance healing is not quite the same as receiving treatment physically, it is similar…just like how a telephone is not the same as someone’s actual voice but is similar. Because of this, the preparations for distance healing is greater than local healing.