Mind Body Hypnotherapy receives a great many emails from readers and clients alike.

Here I publish the comments below the kind words of people who were inspired to contribute to the good work.

“Thank you so much. Bein an empath has been feeling more of a curse because most of the times i fail to strike a difference between the negative energies i have absorbed and my own. it has destroyed my friendships and relationships as most people find me to be unnecessarily emotional and hysterical at times…if i go out to a crowdy place when im finally alone i end up feeling so empty, lost, confused, depressed, anxious and extremely overwhelmed. today i went out and practiced the shielding technique you gave me and i wasnt as overwhelmed as i was yesterday. thank you so much.”

Joan Chisala

“Thank you for those wise words. And the timing couldn’t be better somehow! Denver this was just what I needed.”

Bastiaan Beemsterboer

Thank you so much!!! You have brought more clarity to my mind. Or perhaps I have begun to view the situation from a more relaxed frame of mind. Definitely a step forward! 🙂

Anitha Jayanath

“Thank you so much for your enlightening words. It has helped me so much in my own healing process and I eventually too want to heal others creatively 🙂 You have amazing way with your words and how to tastefully reach out to those even that aren’t quite ready to hear. Much love to you!”

Kristine Urban

Anyway I’ve seen some positive things so far & when I did the replay about my situation: they had like this memory that just bounce back in my head, me younger…i think I’ve like already experienced something like that similar & I thought I had a heart attack but I was a kid then & never understood what it was exactly & I was healed…well what can I say, my situation has gotten better I don’t feel hexed no more.”

James Romeo

I’ve recieved nothing but open arms and a kindness that I will never forget. I love how soft of a digestion the information you produce is, it makes me feel that the aspirations I can have will actually manifest to become
a reality.”

Donovan Long

I don’t know how to say it, but thanks so much. I’m so thankful, now I can learn how to release my anger, hate and another negative thoughts. Now I feel so peaceful,. Thanks for sharing and helping to other. God bless you.”

Hiro Hamada