Are you struggling to lose weight?

It feels like those stubborn fats aren’t getting smaller even though you are trying your best. Why is it so hard to get the body we want and love?

The biggest reason why we struggle to lose weight is because we consistently eat more than we burn calories. But you may already know that. The problem isn’t about burning calories. It is much deeper and falls into an unconscious part of our mind.

It wasn’t until I gain weight that I realise how much of a problem it is for my clients. So I want to share with you 3 tips to losing weight that will help you get started.

The Problem of Weight Loss

You don’t have an exercise problem. You don’t have an eating problem. Rather, you have a motivation problem.

When we habitually eat away our stress, we entranced ourselves in a state of hypnosis where our subconscious mind automatically chooses what it likes. Most of the time, it isn’t in our best interest.

Since we do it habitually, we are not aware of this. Even when we are aware of it, we are powerless to change it because the positive rewards ends up being greater than the need to change.

If only we could consciously will ourselves to change, then the struggle will be over. But it is not so simple because the subconscious mind handles over 90% of our mental life. Thus, the subconscious mind and its feelings often override our conscious choices to change.

That is why we must shift our motivation from “non-healthy lifestyle” to “healthy lifestyle”.

3 Real Tips to Motivate Yourself

  1. Find something you love to do

One day I saw one of my clients holding a magazine for exercises to “lose weight and look amazing”. The book had about 200 pages with many extraneous exercises with pictures! She looked at it, flipped the pages, and tried out one of the exercise.

She knew she wanted to lose weight and that perhaps this book could help her. But then it happened. She got bored and lost motivation. Then she flipped the pages again and saw what I saw. There were too many exercises and they are all boring! Her goals seem farther away than it once were.

Her significant other tried to excite her to workout with him. But she wasn’t excited about it. She tried it a little and then gave up. I, too, wondered about why her significant other, who was a fitness trainer, was in shape but she was not.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to lose weight. My family and friends kept teasing me about it. I tried running because I was told running will make you lose weight.

I hated it so I gave a thousand excuses why I shouldn’t run:

The weather is too hot or too cold. My neighborhood isn’t safe. It’s too dark or it’s too early. My dog needs me in the morning and at night. I’m too busy. Really, it’s because I don’t find satisfaction in running.

It wasn’t until I picked up martial art again after 2 years. I rekindled my passion for martial art and then became obsessed with it. I studied it, practiced it, and went to MMA gyms to better myself each day. Training was part of my life. I knew that each day I was getting stronger and stronger.

It would take great effort for me to get up and move before. Now moving becomes a habit. I didn’t measure my weight nor worry about my weight at all. Training was like brushing my teeth. I was losing weight before I knew it.

So I took upon this lesson for others who want to lose weight. Find something you are passionate about. Do you like to dance? Hike? Run? Swim? Soccer? Walking in the park? When you do things you enjoy, you no longer worry about losing weight and actually lose weight in the process.

If you discover your passion in a physical activity, the rest will come easy for you. Performing an exercise just for the sake of losing weight is not going to work. Do what you love and you will have endless motivation to getting fit.

If you don’t know what physical activity you like, then start experimenting. If you think you are too busy to find an exercise, remember that we can never be too busy to lead a healthy life.

What physical activity do you like to do? What activities do you see others have that you want for yourself? And what is something you’d always wanted to do?

2. Realise the Importance of Eating Healthy

70% of losing weight is done in the kitchen.

There is no point in exercising for hours and then eat 3 whole pizzas afterwards. When the calories is higher than what you burn, you will gain all the weight back.

Some people start to realise this and look for nutritional meals. The problem is that if you are eating healthy and nutritional meals for the sake of losing weight, it’s not going to last.

You’ll sacrifice the foods you once loved in order to eat foreign foods your body aren’t used to. Perhaps you may tell yourself that you are “dieting”. Once you meet a satisfied amount, you will go back to eating your favorite foods because “you deserve it”. Then you gain all the weight back again.

What you want to do is realise how eating healthy will help in your life at a deeper emotional level. It is by having a consistent eating lifestyle that will get you the body you want.

Think about the things you want to achieve in your life. Think about how greater your life will be when you reach there. Now what if you realise that eating healthy can give a tremendous boost in your goals and ambitions?

Vegetables was something I avoided since I was a child despite everyone saying it is good for me. Sure, I ate some but not as much as I should. One day I was looking up the benefits of vegetables and something changed in me. I found a newfound appreciation for vegetables.

It turns out that humans evolved through a diet of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Think of a cavemen before he discovered fire. This was how our ancestors eat and maintain strength. What does this have to do with me? I was at a point in my life where I needed strength for my martial art training.

This is a crucial point – I triggered the subconscious NEED to implement healthy foods.

When I found out that vegetables could do a lot for me in terms of strength, I took it and started eating a lot of vegetables. When you know that eating healthy can help you reach your goals faster, you will be much more motivated to get there.

What benefits will you get if you change? How will that make you feel?

3. A Reason to Change

I was talking to one of my colleagues who had quit alcohol and lost weight. When I asked him what made him changed his mind, he told me one of the most unforgettable stories I heard that day.

His wife had ready the papers for divorce. He was about to lose the kids, the house, and his beloved wife because he couldn’t control himself. Feeling ashamed, he had only 2 choices: let it happen and become miserable for the rest of his life or take back control of his life.

This situation was so heavy on him that his will to survive becomes stronger than the comfort of his subconscious mind. So he soared through and commited to making a change!

Paulo Coelho once said, “When you desire something, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

When you are motivated in achieving a healthy lifestyle and commit to the vision of a healthy lifestyle, nothing can stop you. But if you are not motivated, then losing weight will always become a struggle.

Why you must change today? What is it costing you if you don’t? What will you miss out on?

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Many people who want to lose weight do not have a diet or exercise problem. They have a motivation problem.

When you change the way you see physical activity, towards healthy foods, and your image at a deeper level, weight loss comes naturally.

To lose weight is simple: exercise > eat.

But simple does not mean easy because we grow attached to our foods. Anxieties and fear ties into our eating behavior. Food gives us comfort.

When that problem is relieved, food problem also changed. It became easier to choose healthier foods and exercise.

Motivation comes from an emotional investment in the outcome of your goals. So if you can see a brighter future, you can be motivated to achieve it.

But motivation is only the start. Commitment is how you change your lifestyle.

Hypnosis can help you get started in shifting your automatic behaviors to a more positive lifestyle.