Hypnotherapy can help you make permanent and positive changes in your life.

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Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis helps you be free of smoking. You will no longer feel bad or anxious for not being able to control cigarette habits. With hypnosis, you can feel a sense of accomplishment and finally get to breathe the clean fresh air again.


Fears and Phobias

When we experience events in a negative way, we often create subconscious associations that develop into fears and phobias. These can keep us from experiencing life to its fullest. It includes social phobia, fear of heights, dogs, flying, claustrophobia, etc. Through hypnosis, we can shift the negative associations into positive associations. No longer will fears and phobias hold you back from life!


Stress Relief

Anxiety and stress is a mental state that does not help you. It can disrupt our life and make whatever we are doing harder. Anxiety and stress is simply the reactions of fear. By accessing your subconscious mind, you can take control of your life by replacing the trigger of your stressful or anxious thoughts to a relaxed and peaceful behavior.


Trauma Healing

Abuse and Trauma causes us to break down and stay stuck in the past. Until you heal your past, your life patterns and relationships will continue to be the same. Through well-planned hypnosis sessions, we go deep into the subconscious mind and release the negative events that holds you back.


Pain Management

Pain in the body may come from outside viruses or damage, but others has its roots in the mind. It manifests in Body Syndromes – an emotional stress cause illness in the body. Using both hypnosis and Chi healing to heal the pain via releasing the blocked energy, revitalizing the body, and healing the mental stress.


Success Reinforcement

We know what we want but there is also a part of us that often sabotages the changes we truly desire. It makes us procrastinate, unproductive, fearful, and lack self-esteem. This hypnotic experience will help you to be more self-confident and think positive so that you can manifest your desires more fully.


Weight Loss

Finally have the body you want so you can feel great and enjoy the people you love. Weight loss is to lose calories > gain calories. However, it is not so easy because of our automatic habits. In this hypnotic session, you are given a diet plan and form of exercise. You are motivated to eat healthy foods, maintain healthy habits, and to love the new you.


Past Life Regression

Is there something in the past life that carried onto the present? Do you want to find out a part of you from a different life? With Past Life Regression, you can process feelings that might hold you back in the present. Once you let go, you can walk today with confidence, relaxation, and awaken your full potential.


Spiritual Hypnotherapy

When we feel lost, isolated, confused in our spiritual life, we are without out highest guidance. The purpose of spiritual hypnotherapy is to inspire you to connect with your Higher Self so you can rediscover your true purpose. Under meditation/hypnosis, you are open to a higher state of clarity and openness where you receive communication with your Higher Self.

So if you’re ready to experience life as you are meant to live it, allow me to help guide you.

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