Scarcity Mentality? Shift into Abundance Mentality

Do you have a scarcity or abundance mentality?

You can learn to attract abundance in your life by shifting to an abundance mentality.

You have all the tools you need right now.

Scarcity Mentality

Much of society have a scarcity mindset.

Scarcity mindset is believing that life and opportunities are scarce, few and lacking.

Through years of marketing and surrounding ourselves with other people who believed in lack, we instilled in our subconscious that the world is scarce.

We think that because something is scarce, it is valuable.

And what comes easy is not valuable.

But the truth is that this type of thinking makes you feel anxious, fearful, and desperate.

You make bad decisions and only chooses things that validate that the world is scarce.

You don’t make a move because you think to yourself, “what’s the point?”

This, in turn, makes you have more scarcity in your life.

And the cycle repeats.

Scarcity Vs Abundance

  • Fear based vs Trust in the Universe
  • Rigid vs Open
  • Perception of Limited Resource vs Perception of Abundant Resources
  • Problem-focused vs Possibility Oriented
  • Feeling of Lack vs Feeling of Plenty
  • Holds you back in life vs Move you forward in life
  • Lower vibration vs Higher vibration
  • Gets you more lack vs Gets you more abundance
  • Judgment vs Acceptance

How to Shift into Abundance Mentality

It’s hard to shift into the abundance mindset if you haven’t gotten first-hand experience.

The first thing you need to do is get your feet wet.

If you don’t know what abundance feels like, then your subconscious mind won’t know how to emulate it.

Or, at least, it will only get you to your fantasy abundance and your fantasy abundance might not be as abundant as you would have liked.

So you will need to know what “Abundance” looks like and feel like to you.

You may need to spend money to experience abundance. And yes, it is worth it.

The key thing is Experience.

Because once you have been exposed to an abundant experience, to someone who is abundant, or a valuable book, then your perception changes.

Then from here, you can feel abundance and tune into abundance consciousness.

After you get your first feeling of abundance, you feel like you can do anything.

For me, my first abundance consciousness was this: “If I can do this, then what else I can do?”

What You Focus, You Get

I know that when we think of lack, we feel powerless.

We feel like there is nothing we can do.

But there is something you can do and you can get out of feeling lack by changing your focus.

Thinking of what you don’t have will create more lack because “we get what we contemplate”.

When you are feeling lack, get out of your state of mind and then focus on the possibilities.

To get out of your state of mind:

  • Get out of your environment
  • Laugh and move around
  • Listen to upbeat songs
  • Take a walk in nature

You can’t simply go from feeling lack to feeling abundance right away.

You need to neutralize the feeling of lack.abundance_or_scarcity_your_choice_131479508

Then you can shift from neutral to abundance.

So that is why you get out of your current state of mind.

During this time, you should avoid listening to depressing songs, distracting yourself, binge eating or other harmful stress relief as that will make chemical changes to feel even more lack.

Choose your Perception

How do you see the world? Is the cup half full or half empty?

Whichever you choose, your mind will achieve it according to your perception.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

So choose to think in possibilities because only in possibility can you make a change.

Once you feel neutral, think of the possibilities.

Forget about the state of the world right now and imagine what you CAN do.

When you turn to the possibilities, you give your subconscious mind the seed it needs to make it reality.

Give, Give, Give


One of the best ways to shift into abundance mindset is to give.

When you give, you reinforce the belief that you have something to offer.

Having something to offer means you have an abundance of it.

Because if you didn’t, you would hoard it like no tomorrow and only those who think in scarcity hoards things.

So how do you give? And what to give?

What to Give

When giving, it doesn’t have to be a physical gift.

It can be something intangible, something invaluable that they can’t simply throw away, and something in the present.

Think about the best gift you were given, was it physical? Or was it something else?

It can be a support, an advice, an opportunity, a connection, an acknowledgment or even a presence (good vibe).

The best gift is the one that meets someone else’s needs at the time.

How to Give

Everyone, no matter how successful, famous or different, needs something.

They need help in other areas of their life.

The successful workman would likely put his work first and out of stress needs help in the spiritual department.

The healthy yoga teacher focuses her life on health for so many years that she forgot how to handle dating and relationships.

The spiritual man with humble beginnings can teach you inner peace but he may need financial stability.

No one is perfect in all areas of their lives. That is where you come in.

You have lived through life. And you have overcome challenges in your life.

This means that you can help others overcome their challenges too!

Look at what you know and what you have overcome.

Sometimes I feel like what I know is so common sense that everyone should have known it.

But I realize that what is obvious to me is not obvious to others.

Common sense is not common unless it is agreed.

Now, you shouldn’t give unsolicited advice.

You don’t want to run up to someone and tell them that they have a bad diet and you can help them.

Or should you give this vibe that you go around trying to help them when they haven’t asked for it.

It doesn’t work like that.

Instead, Listen, Listen, Listen.

When you listen, you will understand what it is that they need in their life.

Your motive is to just listen and be helpful in any way you can.

And you’re not just listening to problems and solutions, you are also listening to their emotions and unspoken words.

But before you listen, you need to engage them in rapport.

That is where the real secret is because people who are comfortable with you will want you to help them.

The Abundance Vibe

The abundance vibe is the most important part of achieving abundance mindset.

I would say that abundance vibe is both having a generous outlook and a good self-esteem.

This is because a good self-esteem has an aura of positivity.

People are attracted to positivity and helpfulness.

And being generous is projecting that positivity and helpfulness.

The more you help, the more you get. The more you get, the more you help.

It’s this cycle that gives you the abundance mindset.