Material vs. Spiritual Fulfillment

Many times we think that if we achieve material success, we get lasting fulfillment.

Or that we think devoting ourselves to spiritual activities would give us material fulfillment.

While the two can benefit each other indirectly, they do not give you everything.

Material Fulfillment

This is the worldly goals we seek. Our goals, achievements, or success is to arrive at the sense of material fulfillment.

We seek the highest pleasure and lowest pains. This is a animal within us to find contentment.

While we can get fame, money, and sex, it’s temporary and doesn’t last. Our happiness is fleeting like our emotions.

If we don’t have happiness and fulfillment inside of us, it’s impossible to find it outside of us.

This is because material desires are unquenchable. We will always seek more pleasure because the old pleasure becomes mundane.

It’s like coffee: your first drink is exhilarating. But the more you drink it, the more tolerance you grow. Then you seek stronger coffee.

Spiritual Fulfillment

This is the reverse of material fulfillment.

While material fulfillment says, “I am happy when I find this,” spiritual fulfillment says, “I am already happy and all things are reflective of that.”

You may not have material success but you are filled with happiness, joy, and pleasure.

However, you may still struggle in your material life. Spiritual fulfillment is only for your spiritual nourishment.

That means you still need to eat and drink for your body’s nourishment and to stimulate your mind for mental nourishment.

The difference is that you live your life better with a sound mind and full of purpose.

You Can Have Both Fulfilled

Many people who seek happiness in the outside world give up spiritual nourishment and so becomes unfulfilled and lost.

While those who don’t much found happiness, yet, they continue to struggle in material success.

There is no reason we should neglect our material life when we seek spiritual fulfillment.

We can achieve both and be fulfilled in body and in spirit.

You can start by first finding happiness and joy within yourself. Start with the spiritual. Then extend yourself outward.

Your material life will be easier to achieve. No matter whether you succeed or not, you will be fulfilled regardless.