“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.” – Talmud

What is reality but a story we tell ourselves?

Each of us has a story – a story of our own perceptions.

Often it is not the circumstances that holds us back but how we perceive those circumstances in our life.

Your perception determines your reality.

If we change the way we view our life, our life will begin to change.

What is Your Story?

A man walks into a bar and gets rejected.

The first man didn’t lose confidence but the second man broke down in tears.

The circumstances are the same. But it is our perception that makes the difference.

The first man was still happy because he perceived the woman who rejected him as being the wrong person for him, which means that he can focus on finding the right one.

The second man broke in tears because he believed that being rejected means there is something wrong with him.

You may not have control of the events in your life but you can have control in how you respond to them. How you react to the circumstances in your life determines how you feel. And how you feel becomes what you do. What you do becomes your reality.

How Your Perception Determines Your Reality

Reality largely depends on your experiences – what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

When you have negative experiences long enough or intense enough, you will naturally form your own conclusion about the world around you.

For example, meeting people who disappoints you long enough will make you perceive that people are cruel in reality. And if you were chased by a frightening dog as a child, it “scarred” you with an emotional damage that carries to your present life.

Because people tend to filter information that are irrelevant, the information that sticks are the ones that reminds you of the perception you already have.

We filter information all the time. It’s how we are able to ignore all useless noise in city streets and then hear our name when it is called. But the same filtering process also ignores different realities and makes us only see the ones we have in our perception.

So if you think that people are ignoring you, it may just be that you are filtering people who are NOT ignoring you and then hears only the ones that ARE ignoring you.

Changing Your Perceptions

You cannot usually willingly change your perception at a drop of a hat. Because we still have memories of terrible and negative experiences that tells us at a deeper level what reality means.

Try to tell someone that a spider is smaller and weaker than you. It won’t work because perceptions are not rational but emotional and subconscious.

No matter how reasonable something sounds, something is still holding you back.

This is because even though your conscious mind lets go, your subconscious mind holds onto the painful memories.

That is why changing your perception means to change the way your subconscious mind sees the world.

Help the Little Child See the World

Your subconscious is a little child who wants 2 things: to move toward pleasure and to avoid pain.

When you have had a negative experience, it stores in your memory as pain.

Even new experiences you wish to make is considered pain because it’s something new.

But like a child, your subconscious listens to your parents and needs the guidance and assurance of that wisdom.

It’s like when a child had a bad day at school and goes home pouting how he never want to go school again.

Like every perception, it is not your entire reality but only a small fraction.

Help your subconscious mind realize that just because there is one negative experience doesn’t mean it’s how reality works.

Change Perception, Change Your Reality

Change the way you see the world and your world begins to change.

It begins with having awareness of where you are and where you want to be.

When you convince your subconscious mind to align with your new change, you will find your life improving in every way.