How to Magnetically Attract People

We all want to attract something in our life.

Sometimes those things don’t seem to come to us.

Other times we get what we don’t want instead.

Whether you want to attract the right people in business, relationship, and life, the power of magnetic attraction makes it possible.

And it doesn’t rest on you having to change yourself or be someone you are not.

Every person has a nature that is different from others.

We are all uniquely different in that way.

If you look closely, every successful and powerful person is being their own best self.

They didn’t copy some behavior on movies or conform to some society’s ideal standard like “beauty” or “alpha male”. Instead, it is their way of being.

So how did they attract people, relationships, and success?

It is because they radiate a powerful energy that draws people to them.

The vibe field you have creates the attraction in every part of your life.

The Magnetic Vibe Field

Each and every person has a vibe.

Some are weaker and some are stronger than others.

When you greet someone, you get an impression of warmth or coldness.

You can feel their sense of confidence or their nervousness by coming into contact with them.

You say that there is “something about him” or “some air about him” that you can’t seem to shake.

If you start to take awareness of the feeling you get in people’s vibe field, you will have found the secret to attracting the right people and events in your life.

This vibe field is simply known as your Energy Field or Aura.


What the energy field does is it projects your thoughts and feelings onto your personal field of influence, which extends a few inches from your body.

And this is where your power of influence comes from.

You can change your Energy Field to the people surrounding you, attracting the right people who feels drawn to you.

The degree of intensity in your Energy Field attracts the same degree of people in your life.

Strong energy field attracts or repel depending on the focus.

Weak energy field doesn’t attract at all.

If you are like many, most likely you are drawn to the person with strong vibe and you want to get away from people who convey a creepy or selfish vibe.

And then there are others where you simply forgot that they exist because their “presence” is not felt.

What you want to do is to have a strong Energy Field so you can attract what you want.

Attracting with the Magnetic Vibe Field

By becoming aware of the vibe you put out, you attract the right people who respond to that vibe.

If you hold a thought long enough, you create an Energy Field in your vicinity.

Now your Energy Field does not attract 24/7, it only attracts the people surrounding you at the moment you feel it.

So it is more like a Mood.

If you are in the mood for happiness, you create a happy Energetic Field.

An angry mood will have an angry vibe field.

And an abundance mood manifests an aura of abundance.

Whoever is within a distance of you will feel your Energy Field.

It also extends to wherever you focus on, including your online activity.

The Law of Attraction will play in with your intended magnetic vibe field.

You will, then, attract or repel the person depending on your energy and their energy.

So if you want others to feel calm in your presence, manifest a calm vibe.

But if you are nervous or fearful, you will attract people who are also nervous and repel the joyful and successful people.

You might even attract people who wants to manipulate nervous and fearful people.

Of course, you might think this is saying that your “mood” affect your environment.

The difference here is that normal folks will not attract because their magnetic vibe field is weak whereas you will attract strongly the right people in your life.