We all came here to Earth with a specific purpose.

Other than the means to learn the life lessons or the big picture of the human purpose, we all are born with special talents to use for a good cause.

The question is…what is your purpose? How do you awaken your purpose?

Sense of Purpose Vs. Mission in Life

There is a difference between the sense of purpose and the actual purpose.

We can often feel a sense of purpose without discovering what our purpose is.

Such is when we are achieving our goals with a sense of purpose. But we when already achieved it, our sense of purpose is gone and we are left feeling, “What’s next?”

Our mission in life is the actual purpose and what we feel we are here for.

Some discovers it naturally along the way but others not so much. We don’t discover it because of our life circumstances.

Finding Your Sense of Purpose

Your sense of purpose is not the same as finding your life purpose.

At any moment in time, you can gain your sense of purpose.

The reason why many don’t feel purposeful is due to lack of energy and mental strength.

Where does the feeling of purpose comes from? It comes from the spiritual self.

When the spiritual self is weak, either through neglect or lack of spiritual nourishment, we don’t get a sense of purpose or joy in life. We don’t find contentment or meaning in our life.

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, we are all spiritual beings. Even if all religions are gone, we will find a way to create a religion to nourish our spiritual self.

So when the spirit is strong, there’s an unmistakable sense of purpose, fulfillment, and enjoyment without a reason to feel that way.

Your spiritual self is strong only if your mind and body is strong.

So the case that a lack of purpose means that either the body is unhealthy or the mind is not in balance.

Unhealthy body and Imbalance mind

An unhealthy body leads to low energy. Low energy means that all kinds of illnesses enters the body.

Illnesses includes:

  • (1) outside viruses like bacteria and flu.
  • (2) inside viruses like stomachache and headache induced by stress and anxiety.

If you don’t exercise, get enough amount of sleep, or have adequate diet, then you can be sure to have an unhealthy body.

By having low energy, you don’t have enough to maintain a high vibration life. Thus, no joy and happiness can flow into your body.

But a high energy gives you enough to maintain your body as well as give energy to your sense of purpose.

Balance of mind is crucial in understanding our sense of purpose. If we don’t have balance, we feel divided, shifty, and dull.

Most of the mental imbalance comes from being divided between our conscious mind vs. our subconscious mind, our thinking vs. our feelings, our mind vs. our body.

When you are divided, you are not present. Your energy is spread in different directions.

We must make ourselves whole again by reconnecting ourselves until we feel that we are moving in one direction.

For example, you are divided between being a mom and pursuing your career. As a result, you are struggling at being a mom AND pursuing your career. But if you balance yourself and make those two roads into one holistic direction, your life gets better. Why not both? When you have decided that and integrated that sense within you, then you get a sense of purpose and succeed in both goals.

Finding Mission in Life

Our mission in life is a process of discovery.

You can’t simply ask a few questions and find your mission.

It’s a feeling. Once you grasp it, then you will intuitively know it. It will awaken in you.

But you don’t have to go look for it. When the time is right, it will find you.

So go ahead and walk through life. Of course, you don’t want to walk blindly or without a sense of purpose.

It will become clear to you in time as you move with a sense of purpose.

A hint to discover your mission in life is to find out what things are easier for you. It is the case that what comes easier to you is due to practicing it already in another life.

If you see a talented musician child prodigy, you know that that child is not influenced by his parents or his community. He is influenced by what he has practiced before he was born. That is why a child of 4 can play as well as a professional musician who has practiced for 30 years.

So look for what comes easy to you and what is fulfilling for you. As you walk with a sense of purpose, you will surely awaken your mission in life.