Do you feel fulfilled?

Are you fulfilled? Does your life feel unsatisfied?

Although you don’t know exactly what, you just know that there’s a missing piece in your life.

What does it mean to be unfulfilled?

Everyone can at least recognize the feelings of un-fulfillment.

It’s not living the life you want. It’s not being surrounded by positive people that lifts you up or not feeling like you belong. Moreover, you don’t know where your life is going nor do you find any purpose in why you are living.

While those are symptoms of feeling unfulfilled, we really don’t why we are feel the way we do. We just know a general feeling of being unfulfilled, dull, and purposeless.

Sometimes you believe that you can be fulfilled if only the right significant other comes into your life, only if you get rich and live in paradise, or only if aliens from the galactic federation can take you away.

False fulfillment

We are taught in society that fulfillment comes from fame, riches, drugs, pleasure, etc.

We are bombarded by ads and magazines that we need to live a certain lifestyle in order to be fulfilled.

But if you look at celebrities whose life appears to be perfect, they also suffer from drugs and anxiety. They are nowhere close to being fulfilled.

Famous people won awards, gained praise, and date beautiful people. And yet, they are unfulfilled. There’s a piece missing in their life.

Then they turn to alcohol and drugs to get the euphoric feeling of bliss. Yet, it’s temporary and it causes more harm than good.

It’s only natural that our desires are unquenchable. We will always want more and more. For some reason, the things we want we can never be satisfied.

Why is it that the poorest family can find a satisfying life but that the riches and famous are unsatisfied?

It’s because we can’t find fulfillment in materialistic pursuits nor can we find it in having more things and desires.

So don’t pity the poor people, they may be more happy than you are.

Spiritual nourishment is fulfilling

The sense of fulfillment with achieving one’s goals is a temporary feeling and doesn’t last.

What we want is lasting fulfillment.

That can only be accomplished through spiritual nourishment.

See, we not only have a physical body and mind but also a spirit.

The body needs healthy nourishment with foods, water, air and sleep. The mind needs positive stimulation such as a good reading. But the spirit…

The spirit needs spiritual nourishment which can only be found through spiritual activities. Those who neglect their spirit often finds themselves irritable and unfulfilled.

How can find spiritual nourishment?

Luckily you don’t to go need to go to church or a temple and devote to a religious activity.

Spiritual nourishment can be found in the arts.

Art is Spiritual Expression

In a world where science and high-pace society dictates our expression, art fails in the background. It is now only to be used as hobbies and not as a profession.

But the lack of art means a lack of spiritual expression. This often manifests as psychological problems, psychosomatic problems, and energetic imbalance.

Art such as painting, music, dancing, drama, poetry, photography, film, theatre, ceramics, etc. are not just hobbies, but expressions of our soul. It opens us up to our higher consciousness.

It’s when we get to express our higher consciousness that we find spiritual contentment.

Without expressing what we are really feeling, we repress them and cause immense problems in our life.

Finding your Spiritual Art

Fulfillment isn’t about your experiences or achievements but about expressing your soul to the world.

When we live in alignment with who we truly are, there’s a feeling of freedom to be ourselves. That is fulfillment.

The more connected we are to spirit, to the universe, or to ourselves, the more fulfilled we feel because we are nourishing our spiritual self – the part of us that have access to fulfillment.

So what is your spiritual art? How might you express yourself more fully?

Take some time in your life to nourish your soul so that you can feel happy and fulfilled.