Can I be hypnotized? Does hypnosis work for me?

The short general answer is “Yes”.

However, this is an individual question and it will change depending on who is asking.

If you wish to know if you can or cannot be hypnotized, then here are the factors that tells you whether you have the most chance to get under hypnosis.

1. Are You Imaginative?

While logic resides in our conscious mind, imagination plays a big role in subconscious mind.

If you daydream a lot, fantasize, plays music, perform art, etc., then you have the necessary requirements to enter hypnosis.

A person who is too logical have a harder time letting go of their conscious mind because he/she identifies themselves too much with the conscious mind.

2. Are you comfortable with hypnosis (or any alternative ideas?)

Whether it is due to fear, resistance, or negative belief, it will stop you from getting hypnotized.

Often the people who resist hypnosis are the ones who think hypnosis as a form of mind control where the hypnotist force his will upon his victims.

This is seen in hypnotist shows where the hypnotist makes them quack like a duck or turn them into a pig. Rather, the people in stage hypnosis are volunteers who were willing to be entertained and who are open enough to try them. There is the pure pressure which if the volunteer refuses to play along, it will embarrass the hypnotist and letting down the audience.

The more you are comfortable with alternative ideas, and this means you may have done your research, then the greater chances of you accepting the changes that comes with hypnosis.

If you are comfortable with the idea of hypnosis, then your subconscious mind move towards it.

3. Do you have emotions?

Unless you are devoid of emotions, everyone have emotions. Everyone needs to release and vent out emotions from time to time.

Since hypnosis deals with emotions in the subconscious mind, more emotion means better hypnosis.

The only way it won’t work if you are a cold being who never feels anything.

4. Are you comfortable with authority?

In hypnosis, the hypnotherapist is in the position of authority to help guide you into the state of hypnosis.

However, if one has a strange dislike towards authority, then he/she will fight or give the helper a hard time.

5. Can you listen to suggestions?

In hypnosis, you are given suggestions. The only way it will work if it is understood.

If I gave you a suggestion in a different language, you won’t be able to understand. Therefore, you will not benefit from that suggestion.

So a person of moderate intelligence, who are able to understand, can be helped with hypnosis. Those who cannot understand or cannot listen well will have a hard time.

6. Do you meditate?

Meditation is entering a deep state of relaxation where you have time for contemplation.

In the state of meditation, you are working under the alpha state to theta state brainwave. This is the same state used in hypnosis.

Therefore, a person who meditates can easily enter hypnosis himself/herself.

However, it is not just meditation. Any part of relaxation helps to enter the state of hypnosis easily.

7. Do you go to sleep?

Each and every person goes to bed at night. When you go to bed, your brainwaves changes from beta, to alpha, to theta, and then to delta. This corresponds to waking, relaxing, dreaming and then deep sleep.

Since we go through the alpha to theta brainwave each night, everyone has potential to get into hypnosis.

But entering hypnosis is a matter of individual skill. Not everyone can relax. Few can dream or remembers them.

I am a super logical person

If you identify yourself as a super logical person, then you are likely to be calculative, emotionless, and conscious.

In this state, you try to fit your experiences into a logical manner.

Because the experience of hypnosis won’t make logical sense, you tend to discard it before any results may prosper.

But this does not mean you cannot be hypnotized! This only means it will take more effort into getting there.

Everyone can get into hypnosis, but not everyone can do so in the same effort.