Meet Denver Vo

Denver’s therapeutic approach is a unique fusion of hypnotherapy and energetic magnetism. He is deeply passionate about helping holistic and alternative minded professionals become more personally empowered through releasing negative beliefs and stress.

In his spare time, Denver attends spiritual and holistic events. His martial art practice in Qi Gong and Shaolin Kung Fu complement the therapeutic session because of the energetic development which enhances hypnotherapy. He also enjoys writing, traveling, performing music, and filming.

Deep into my Personal Story

In my teenage years I survived verbal attacks and abusive behaviors. My confidence shot down and I believed I was useless. Later I developed extreme social anxiety.  Eventually I gave up going to classes and avoided people as I found it too stressful. Social events felt threatening and I would say that I will attend only to back out at the last minute. Consciously I would tell myself that I am calm but then in social situations I overcompensate and get jittery, which makes others avoid me and fulfilled my own prophecy. I couldn’t cope with places I wasn’t familiar with and used sleeping and eating as a coping strategy.

Luckily I discovered hypnosis and started to clear some of the fear I’ve kept inside me. During this time, I had help from a hypnotherapist in Los Angeles and my fear began to shift immediately. Some anxieties gradually changed. With this new skill, I used it to help myself and others to release their fears and anxiety. I also began to lose weight I’ve been carrying. That’s when I learned that to make a change, you don’t just take action. You must shift your beliefs and emotions about your actions too.

Today I’m a hypnotherapist/mesmerist helping people transform their lives. I believe that profound change is possible and that’s why I want to help people discover their own inner power. My mission is to inspire others and lead them to a powerful paradigm shift so that they can enjoy a more empowered relationship with themselves and others. Since starting my work, I developed my own style based on hypnosis, mesmerism, and reiki. I combined not just the techniques but the process so that the healing session depends upon another.


Denver Vo

  • Certified Hypnotherapist (HMI)
  • NLP Practitioner (AIP)
  • Self-Hypnosis and Meditation Instructor (ICBCH)
  • Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner (GSF)
  • Registered Metaphysical Practitioner (WMA)
  • Certified Scientific Telepathology (UAC)
  • Life Coach (Advanced Life Coaching Institute)
  • Degree in Philosophy (UC Davis)
  • Qi Gong Practitioner for 6 years (Sifu Daniel Quincy)

Here’s a personal message from Denver that will help you determine if his style is a good fit for you.

I know firsthand what it’s like to feel blocked and like nothing is manifesting what I want. Many coaches and therapists can only offer advice from a place of theories or studies. I have personal experience not only on the emotional level but also in practice. So I am aware of the unique challenges and obstacles that holistic professionals, people who are mindful of alternative wellness, face and how to welcome them to become themselves more fully.

I have the unique ability to sense my client’s energy. When a client can reintegrate professional life with emotional and spiritual well-being, they can clear those inner blocks and take effective action. Their heart and soul becomes reconnected and they feel a sense of purpose in their life. From there, life starts to flow and manifest easily and effortlessly.

While I am good at hypnotherapy – realigning the subconscious mind, I also infuse more ‘spirit’ and energy into the therapeutic process so the client have a much higher chance in not only solving a particular problem but also bring harmony to the body so that it can fix itself. I embrace the philosophy that prevention is better than cure.

I teach my clients to help themselves and tap into their potentials so they can create peace of mind. My approach is one of honesty, focusing on the best, and holistic and spiritual wellness. It is my goal to exceed your expectations!


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