When we are looking for a fulfilled life, what we are really seeking? Perhaps it is a feeling or an experience? Is it one thing or many things?

There is no one secret to creating a fulfilled life because life is filled with many elements. When we uplift one element of our life, the other part of our life rises as well.

Question is…what are those elements? Is it success? Relationship? Achievements?

The problem is that society trains to see the world only in objective and scientific way while neglecting subjective experiences. To seek outside of us for joy and pleasure instead of what’s inside us.

That is, we value the outer senses more than we do the inner senses.

Yet, it is the inner senses which gives us a more vivid, fulfilling life. To live is to be alive. Many people live but are are dead inside. They have no passion, no vibrant colours, no life.

When you give attention to what’s inside you, you will begin to change how the outside world looks.

As a result, your life is filled with beauty, charm, unpredictability, mysteriousness, uniqueness, adventurous, and sensitivity because you are attuned to them.

You’ll know a person is living a fulfilled life because when you look deep in his eyes, you see the love of life as a thing of beauty. It inspires you and encourages you to be like that too.

The deterioration of a Fulfilled Life

The cause of an fulfilled life is really an unfulfilled sense of life.

When our inner senses are neglected and undeveloped, then we are mainly going to see ugliness, stress, and gruesome images.

Western world thinks that our subjective thinking, such as intuition, are flaky and unreliable. So they discarded it in favor of reason. Though reason has its place, it does not give us all that we need for a fulfilled life.

Yet, we are turned to a daily existence in mechanical, meaningless and alienated routine. We think that half of our life is supposed to be stressful and the other half is to rewind.

Often there is a need to escape, consciously or subconsciously, in a form of intense emotions, alcohol, drugs, addictions, work and ecstasy. But we have yet to find that sense of meaning in ourselves.

What we need is not more technological and industrial demands, it is to return to discovering ourselves within the world.

5 Elements of a Fulfilled Life

1. Intuition

This is your gut feeling, instinct, or sense of knowingness.

Often our immediate gut feeling is right but we ignore it because it doesn’t make sense to us.

While our conscious mind can take in 7 +/- bits of information at a time, our subconscious mind is unlimited in absorbing information.

This means that if I were to tell you to repeat this word without looking back for guidance “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”, you would have a hard time repeating it.

But the subconscious mind picks up subtle information in the background without your awareness and delivers this information in the sense of “feelings” such as whether a person has bad intentions or whether you should trust someone.

It’s invaluable to listen to our intuition because it may save you a ton of mistakes and heartache.

When we listen to that inner voice within, it will lead us to the right path.

2. Inner harmony (Balance)

Disease of all kinds – physical, emotional, mental – come from lack of balance inside us.

How can we find our life fulfilling when we are wrestling with inner chaotic storms?

When we find calmness inside us, then we begin to see calmness outside of us.

The sense of a fulfilling life isn’t what you have but what you are feeling.

3. Oneness (Community)

We are social beings. As social beings, there is a need to belong to a community or seek connection with others.

Even if we are in solitude, we seek connection with God or our Higher Self.

In maslow’s hierarchy of needs, one of the important psychological needs is to feel like we belong.

fulfilled life

Having relationships and friends give us the sense of connection.

4. Spontaneity

Life is not meant to be a routine. It always changes.

You can plan your life but that doesn’t mean it will go exactly as planned.

When we live life in a monotonous way, we don’t feel “alive”. Wake up, go to work, return home for dinner, and sleep. Day in and day out. It’s as if you are running on a hamster wheel. And it gets tiring real quickly.

By being spontaneous once in a while, you open up yourself to new experiences and begin to interact with life.

5. Rhythms

Everything has a rhythm: movement, conversations, sounds, etc.

When someone is out of alignment and out of balance, their rhythms are mismatched.  Their movements may be jerky, slow, and chaotic.

If we are out of rhythm with ourselves, then outside interactions would not go well because you are “off”.

Being in tune with your rhythm allows your life to flow smoothly. We feel in control of ourselves.

The Flow of Life

Overall, you must free yourself of the chains and shackles that are holding you back.

If you are stuck in a unsatisfying job or relationship that doesn’t fulfill you, then don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.

When you put your mind to seek something new, your subconscious mind will try to solve it for you in your sleep.

A simple exercise to connect to yourself

This exercise costs nothing and doesn’t require you lots of planning or attending seminars.

Spend time in nature at the park by yourself. Watch, listen, and enjoy the afternoon. Let your mind roam without thinking of the past or future. Allow boredom and anxiety to come and go. Don’t try to analyze, judge, or validate what you are doing. Immerse yourself in your experience.