Sometimes we feel like our money efforts are wasted as if the universe has taken away all our opportunities.

What you may not know is that our mind may be our greatest foe to our success.

When we believe in myths about money, we run in a cycle that never ends.  We need to stop believing in them.

By understanding the 4 money myths, you can start your path to breakthrough the invisible ceiling and reach success.

1. Money is the root of all Evil

People who see money as the root of all evil subconsciously avoid money. They know they have to make money but believe that money is a problem. Since the subconscious mind moves toward pleasure and avoid pain, people who believe money as the root of all evil struggle with money.

Is money really evil?

What is money? Money is a paper with a value tag. It is used to exchange for other things people make or services.

If we were to take money onto outer-space, how much evil will it do? Nothing. How much good it will do? Nothing. In space or in the jungle, money has no value. It becomes a piece of paper. It has as much good or evil as a toilet paper.

The fact is that money is a tool. Like knives and guns, it can be used for good or for evil. Money itself is not evil because it doesn’t have any ability to perform moral acts. Only humans can. Money is not the root of all evil, it’s the people who uses them.

Imagine what good you can do if you have more money. What service you can bring to humanity? Let money excite you because it is the tool for you to get to where you want to be.

2. Money doesn’t grow on trees

When we were children, our parents or teachers may impressed upon us that money doesn’t grow on trees.

This is a myth. Money do grow on trees literally and metaphorically.

First, money is made from paper and ink. The papers come from newspapers, books, cereal boxes, etc. Each paper money are primarily made up of wood pulp. Some are made with cotton and linen. Bottom line is that money comes from paper which comes from trees.

Second, money grows from a proper abundant tree. Think of the tree as the thought in your mind. How you think about money will either grow your mental tree into a beautiful fruitful tree or an ugly and dead tree. It starts with a seed. You nourish this seed and take care of it. Then it grows into a tree with fruits. Now you can rejoice in the fruits of your thoughts.

3. Money is limited

The belief that money is limited comes from thinking that there are no opportunities to be made. Perhaps the person had a rough life or were told that there is only one way to make money – a job. We know this isn’t true.

Money is abundant all around us. How do we know this? Because if you understand where money come from, then you have a better chance on how to get it. So where do money come from?

It come from people. Money is the result of exchanging a paper value tag for a product or service that will help them. Now we ask, how do we help them?

People want to move towards pleasure and to avoid pain. In life, there will always be pain, chaos, and struggles. If you can find the chaos, then you can find the opportunity. Your help means exchanging your time or value for helping people move towards pleasure and avoid pain.

4. I have to accumulate money

This is a subtle negative cycle even successful people make. They believe you have to hoard the money and not share it. Their lives are empty despite their financial accumulation. People who do this feel like they never have enough even though they may be successful or rich. They believe in lack!

When you believe in lack, you end up in an endless pursuit for more while causing chaos in everything you do. For example, cutting down trees and destroying families to get money.

On the other hand, those who share seem to be overflowing with a sense of abundance. They live their lives with inspiration and generous giving. When you give to others, you also attract people who give to you.