30 Famous People Who Have Used Hypnosis

1. Aaron Eckhart (actor0 – Drinking and Smoking

aaron eckhart
2. Adele (singer) –  Quit smoking

3. Albert Einstein (Physicist) – Access deeper depth of creativity

albert einstein
4. Ashton Kutcher (actor) – Personal Development and Quit Smoking

ashton kutcher
5. Ben Affleck (actor) – Quit Smoking

ben afflect

“I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don’t smoke. I feel like I’m in better shape than I was five years ago – another fan of mind enhancement and especially hypno-therapy and it’s ability to re-wire human behavior.” – Ben Afflect

6. Britney Spears (singer) – Quit Smoking

britney spears
7. Bruce Willis (actor) – Overcome Stuttering

bruce willis
8. David Beckham (Soccer player) – Career Success

9. Ellen Degeneres (comedian and tv host) – Quit Smoking

ellen degeneres

“You’ve helped me tremendously and probably saved my life. Quitting definitely changed my life.”

10. Fergie (singer-songwriter) – Weight loss and Overeating

11. Henry Ford (American Industrialist) – Personal Development

Henry Ford
12. Jack Nicklaus (American golfer) – Sports Hypnosis and Concentration

jack nicklaus
13. James Earl Jones (actor) – Career Success and Overcome Stuttering

james earl jones
14. Jessica Alba (actress) – HypnoBirthing

jessica alba
15. Jimmy Connors (Tennis player) – Career Success

Jimmy Connors
16. Kevin McBride (Irish boxer) – Career Success

Kevin McBride
17. Lily Allen (singer-songwriter) – Weight Loss

lily allen
18. Matt Damon (actor) – Quit Smoking

Matt Damon

“It’s amazing I didn’t want cigarettes anymore, I should have done it years ago, using hypnosis was the greatest decisions of my life!” – Matt Damon

19. Mozart (Composer) – Depth of Creativity

20. Nikola Tesla (Inventor) – Diagnosed is own medical condition

Nikola Tesla
21. Olivia Munn (actress) – OCD and Exercise Motivation

olivia munn
22. Sam Smith (singer-songwriter) – OCD

Sam smith
23. Orlando Bloom (actor) – Overcome Addiction for Chocolate

orlando bloom
24. Samuel L. Jackson (actor) – Quit Smoking

samuel L. Jackson
25. Sigmund Freud (Austrian neurologist) – studied for psychoanalytic theory

sigmund freud
26. Sylvester Stallione (Actor) – Career Success

sylvester stallone
27. Steve Hooker (Australian Olympic) – Overcome Pole Vaulting Fear

steve hooker
28. Tiger Woods (American Golfer) – Golf Improvement and Peak Performance

Tiger woods
29. Thomas Edison (Inventor) – Depth of Creativity

thomas edison
30. Winston Churchill (Former British Prime Minister) – Handle stress and stay awake

winston churchill